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We help women just like you to Elevate.

It’s more than just pretty photos... it's determination, strength, beauty and self-worth!

Our mission is to help everyday women discover their self worth and embrace their sexuality. We aim to show you that boudoir is first and foremost for YOU and help you to gain a new confidence like you've never had before. Come let us show you how truly life changing and healing this experience can be. A boudoir session is an investment in your own confidence, something no other beauty treatment, spa day, or workout can provide, it is completely unique! 

Blonde in sheets posing for Elevation Boudoir
Woman laying on bed posing for boudoir photos


If you are struggling with confidence or don't particularly like the way your body looks. Then do the shoot!! I have had 5 kids via c-section & I typically hate to look at my naked body. But I got out of my comfort zone & done something I didn't think I would ever do. I did the Boudoir Session & absolutely loved it. I had an amazing experience & this will be something I will look back on when I have bad days. My body has carried 5 babies & I am ready to accept the fact I will never have that perfect body again. But thats ok because the one I have now is loved. I am finally seeing the true beauty of myself! 

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Ladies! I know we all say this: “ I really want to do a session but....” But nothing! Do it! Go for it! You will not regret one minute of it! I started off doing this session as a surprise birthday gift for my boyfriend but as I did the session and then the reveal and seen my photos I realized I needed it just as much and more. Justin and Rachel brought sides and parts and aspects of myself I didn’t know were there or had kept away for so long! When I look at these pics and the others that Facebook would ban I cannot believe that it is me. The confidence I had. The beauty they brought out. The parts of myself that I never really cared for they showed to me in a whole new light. SO DO THE SESSION!

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If you're nervous about doing a shoot because you're a "big girl," just do it!! I went into it thinking there's no way in hell any camera can make me look half as good as some of the other girls!! I was totally wrong! I went into my shoot nervous asf and left feeling like 'Okay maybe I actually did good.' Then I came back for my reveal super nervous again but only to be blown away! Never have I looked at myself and thought I could be that beautiful girl. But today my mind changed. I felt ten feet tall. I could have cried. Thank you soo much Rachel and Justin!!

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