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Black and White Boudoir Photography by Elevation Boudoir in Tuscaloosa, AL

Elevation Boudoir

CAUTION: Side effects may include but are not limited to: increased self-confidence, falling madly deeply in love with yourself, overall increase in general badassery, uncontrollable urge to celebrate yourself and lifting up those around you.

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Beautiful woman leaning back making eye contact with camera and posing for boudoir in the studio of Elevation Boudoir
Black and White boudoir image
maternity boudoir featuring our tulle gown
elevation boudoir's newest set - Neon Boudoir

A chance to escape, reset, and conquer..

client featuring our Wet Set Creatives for boudoir
Woman standing posing for a shower set for boudoir images at Elevation Boudoir

There is nothing more empowering than being unapologetically yourself. In a society that tells us who to be, what to wear, and how to act — boudoir photography is the ultimate rebellion. We believe in celebrating our unique strength and beauty every day.

It's time to explore our most confident, elegant selves in photographs to applaud who we are in this very moment. Give yourself permission to love yourself completely today. You deserve nothing less.

woman lying on a couch in a boudoir pose that highlights her booty

"When I saw those pictures, I couldn’t believe it was me. I saw a woman who has beaten so many childhood statistics, a woman that has picked up the broken pieces time and time again, on her OWN. a Woman that finally sees the beauty in all the pain. I saw someone strong, beautiful, and SEXY. something I never thought I would feel."

Why Elevation?

We are a husband and wife team that show up every single day for YOU. We work tirelessly to provide the best EXPERIENCE and IMAGES possible to each and every one of you that walks through our studio doors. We strive to provide a client experience that is second to none and view each day as an opportunity to grow and learn. To us, this is not just a photoshoot but an experience that you’ll never forget and something you’ll definitely want to do again. When you book with us you will have complementary hair and make up, full use of our almost 300 piece client closet, options for amazing add-ons and a same day image reveal. Yes, you read that correctly SAME DAY image reveal where you will be able to see ALL of your gorgeous images. 





Elevation Boudoir Photography Tuscaloosa Alabama
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