Empowerment Sessions

Working with women of all ages, shapes and sizes has made us come to realize that EVERY single one of us has insecurities about our bodies. We would LOVE to help all women see their true BEAUTY instead of their "flaws". All women are beautiful and our mission is to help bring that out in each of you. Each of you has a story, and we want to tell that STORY. It's ok to LOVE who you are and who you have become as a woman. 


The scars, the stretch marks, it all comes from my story and a story that I love so much!


My body has gone through so many rapid changes over a ten year span; pregnancies, weight gain, weight loss, surgeries…

Elevation Boudoir
Elevation Boudoir

Life tears you down. People bring you down. It was time to bring myself back up. I was ready...

I also am going through a divorce and having being in a place where I felt like I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough and to know where I know my worth.


As a woman, a wife and a mother to two beautiful girls, there is nothing I want more than for our daughters to see their true beauty for the rest of their lives. We know one day that they, just like every other woman we have met, are going to see their "flaws" and we may not be there to tell her how pretty she is, how wonderful she is and what a good person she is. But what we can do is help more women see their true beauty in themselves. 

We are asking all of you BEAUTIFUL WOMEN to let us show you that you are GORGEOUS. You are SEXY. You are AMAZING. You are PERFECTLY, IMPERFECT. No matter what "flaws" you see in yourself, you are BEAUTIFUL!! You are an amazing mother, daughter, wife, friend and woman. 

We are not here to judge you...we want to help build you up. We want you to see the beauty that everyone else sees in you. 


At the end of this year, Elevation Boudoir is offering a FREE Empowerment Session to 5 women. You can be as clothed or unclothed as you would like.

If you are available on Monday, December 20th please fill out the application below. We promise to keep it short and sweet, as these will be 15-minute sessions.

You only have one body, love the one you are in!

Elevation Boudoir Tuscaloosa AL

All the details you need to know

Fine Print

  • If Chosen, Spots are First Come - First Serve

  • Full Model Release must be signed

  • Must not have a current session on the books

  • Must not have ever cancelled a session

  • Session will be 15 minutes 

  • One outfit (Client Closet available if needed) 

  • Hair and Makeup is NOT included

  • Sessions will be held at our Studio on Monday. December 20 from 9am - 12:30pm

  • 5 free digital images will be included

Applictions Closed

Applications will be reviewed as submitted. Selected Applicants with be emailed within 7 days.