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Women in Green and Black Lace Lingerie arched back
Client sitting in front of a green and gold velvet couch at Elevation Boudoir
Client in strappy red leather and gold chain standin in windowsill looking out window at Elevation Boudoir Studio located in Downtown Tuscaloosa Alabama




Thinking of a boudoir session but have a lot on your mind? We are here to help and we want to give you the best boudoir experience imaginable. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

Blonde woman in neon yellow split back lingerie leaning into ivy wall

What is boudoir?

Boudoir photography is all about empowering and loving yourself. Stripping yourself of all your insecurities, and allowing yourself to be sexy in a world that tells you not to. A chance for you to free yourself and finally be you.

Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Tuscaloosa, AL. We welcome babes from all over the country and love those who come to us from near and far.

When will I receive my photos?

That depends! Most client prepay and receive digital images the SAME DAY as their session. Products typically take up to 3 weeks to arrive. We typically book up 3 to 6 months in advance so please book accordingly.

Do I have to get



Hell no! There is absolutely no pressure to remove any layer you feel uncomfortable with. You can be just as sexy in a t-shirt and boy-shorts.

Cleint posing an a buttom up sleep shirt
Client in rhinestone Chest plate bra outfit posing against brick wall



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