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5 Ways to Love Yourself

The Case for Self-Care

Self-love is something you’ll see us talk a lot about. This isn’t because we am the all-knowing master at it, but to be honest, we are quite literally the worst at it. We know how easy it can be to ignore ourselves when something big is happening in our lives and how hard it can be to do even little tasks to take care of ourselves. This is why we make sure to do little things along the way to keep up with our mental and physical health. Self-care doesn’t HAVE to be a giant extravagant thing, although every once in a while it totally should be!

Self-care looks different for everyone at different stages of their life. When I was 15 years old it meant being in the pottery studio for 8 hours in-between classes and getting my hands dirty and letting my soul get creative. When our oldest was a newborn it meant washing AND blow drying my hair. Now in this stage in my life, it means having my warm cup of coffee in the morning after dropping the kids off at school. Your needs are going to be different than ours, and might change frequently, BUT they are all there. We all have these needs in different capacities so it is important to take a few steps and make sure we are taking care of ourselves the best we can!

The next hard part is ACTUALLY ACTING on these things. How many times have you skipped out on doing something because of an excuse and then later think “Well, I feel like crap now because I didn’t do the thing, I really should’ve done it, next time I’ll do thing I promise…”? We do this ALL. THE. TIME. We wanted to make sure the tips we are giving you all are super attainable and easy to reach goals! So without further ado, here is a little list of things that we do to take care of our mind and body. We hope this helps you take some better steps self-care!

A boudoir experience can also be really outside your comfort zone, and therefore kind of nerve wracking. But like most things in life, when you are doing something powerful to better yourself, it can be pretty scary! But that is why I am here! To help ease your fears along the way and guide you on this new self-love journey! I’m always around to answer any questions you might have about your shoot, and I’m always here to help you move passed your fears.

If you are curious about having a boudoir shoot done and want to ask some women who have had them, head over to our private Facebook group and ask away! This community is the best and are always ready to build each other up!

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