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I am so glad I did the shoot. I am getting married in October and my fiance got me the gift of my session for my birthday! Then of course my birthday there was a tornado, but Rachel and Justin were so proactive making sure to reschedule so that we would not have to rush or put any of us in danger.! Then when I got there it was like seeing two old friends and catching up to make it so that all the nervous anxiety was gone! I have never felt so hyped up until I did this.

First Rachel made me look fantastic then she picked me out some AMAZING outfits that I never would have pictured making me look sexy or beautiful. I trusted her and not gonna lie didn't look too much in the mirror so I wouldn't chicken out. It was so worth it! They made it so much fun. The whole time reminding me to breathe and that I looked great and just making the whole thing something I would never forget and can not wait to do again.

One of my favorite pictures is of me laughing because it was real life and sometimes you just have to enjoy the little things like getting called out for hitting yourself. in the face. I never would imagine what this experience has done for my self esteem. I took my fiance with me to the reveal and neither of us could believe that it was me on the screen. He has always been supportive, but he was so proud which made me proud of myself because sometimes it is okay to treat yourself and it is important to love yourself and this experience reminded me of that.

I can not thank Elevation Boudoir enough for helping me and giving me more confidence and I 100% can not wait to do it again. My final statement is do the thing. Take the chance because it is 110% worth it!

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