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Client Spotlight: Ainsley

Why boudoir?

I have always envied the pictures I have seen on the facebook page and thought, “one day when I tone my tummy and lose a little weight I will book a session”. Of course, life happened and I never felt ready. However, this Christmas my mom surprised me by booking the session for me! It gave me the push I needed!

Why Elevation Boudoir?

Elevation has always had wonderful client reviews and the testimony that these women give on how comfortable they felt and the impact it had on their self-confidence was what drove me to pick EB. I have friends that have traveled to ATL to get boudoir done but secretly, I was never impressed. EB’s image quality and editing is some of the best I have ever seen. Rachel’s eye for posing and beauty paired with Justin’s skills behind the camera and eye for angles is a match made in heaven!

What was your experience/session like?

My session was AH-MAZ-ING! I felt immediately at home and comfortable. You think you will be nervous showing so much of yourself and being that vulnerable in front of strangers, but Rachel and Justin never felt like strangers. They are immediately family.

How did you feel before booking?

I always knew I would book but just never got the chance. I am forever grateful that my mom took that leap of faith for me to book this session.

Would you have done anything different?

I would not have done ANYTHING different. I look at these photos multiple times a week and just appreciate every aspect of them. The quality, the memories made that day, and the power of my body. I honestly am already saving and planning ideas for my next shoot within a year.

How did you feel after your session?

I feel amazing. I look at these photos and see my untoned tummy & blemished skin and don’t have those “ugh, I should’ve sucked in, I could’ve worked out, I hope they can edit that, etc” thoughts that we as women always seem to have. I see a woman with a body & mind that has survived trauma, powers through anxiety, and strives to do good every day. This body has served me well for 25 years and I am so glad that EB has helped me learn how to celebrate it.

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