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Yesterday I had one of the best experiences of my life with Justin and Rachel. After I had my daughter in 2017 I struggled with my body and appearance. I hated my body and never felt pretty anymore. I dropped down to 90lbs and looked sickly, it was disgusting. I finally got my weight back up last year and started feeling pretty again. Seeing how beautiful you all looked in your pictures and how confident you were made me want to do this. I done this for ME, to get my confidence back, to make me proud of myself, to give me the power to say damn I’m hot af. Thank you Justin and Rachel for giving me my confidence back. ️

If you are on the edge about booking a session then go ahead and step on over and DO IT. Do it for YOU. Let the haters hate. Let the judgmental judge. Let them talk. Who cares. If YOU feel good about yourself and know you look damn good and are confident then that is all that matters. BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW... get those haters hating baby!!!!

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