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Bailey's Story - Assault, eating disorders, drugs..

Hey y’all, I’m Bailey and I had the opportunity to participate in the storyteller sessions. Soooo here’s my story!


When I was 16 I experienced my first sexual assault. This occurred around 3 months before my parent’s divorce. This shook my entire world up. I became super reclusive and my confidence plummeted. I struggled off and on with an eating disorder since freshman year of high school. When I came to college everything was great, it was an escape from everything back home. Until I got assaulted again. I got into drugs and alcohol with it being as easily accessible here in Tuscaloosa. About six months into my addictions I finally got clean. I’m here a year later, finally in therapy for everything that’s happened in the past. This experience has boosted my confidence so much. I am unbelievably grateful for the opportunity.

If you have experienced anything like this you need to do this. This will change your entire perspective on yourself! I want to thank Rachel and Justin for the opportunity because I walked out much different than I walked in!

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