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Bridal Boudoir

Hey Bride!

Yes you! As you get closer to your wedding, you are probably looking for the perfect gift for your fiancé! Something that can be sentimental, but still fun, and maybe even a little sexy. This is where a boudoir session comes in to save the day!

A boudoir experience can give your groom a fun look into your personality while also connect you on another level! There is also no better time to have a boudoir experience done then right before a big change. You are going to get in that dress and stand in front of dozens of people, so why wouldn’t you want a little confidence boost beforehand? At your bridal boudoir session you get to reconnect with your body and see that you can rock your boudoir session and you can rock your wedding dress on your big day!

Let’s get to planning!

Now that you have your bridal boudoir experience booked, let get to THE PLANNING!

We like to plan your shoot at least 6 weeks out from your wedding date so that your products can be ordered and completed before your big day! This also allows you a good timeline to get your veil in (I’ll explain below) and maybe even his suit jacket/wedding shirt! This is also right before crunch time, so that you can still be relaxed and not be thinking about all the little details that need to get done. It is a great time to pamper yourself so that you can slow down and really think about how excited you are to marry your fiancé!

Incorporate your wedding details

There are a few really fun ways to incorporate your wedding details into your shoot! Your veil is ALWAYS a great option because 1- It is beautiful, and 2- It is expensive so why not use it again?!? We can gently throw it in your hair for a few shots to give an fancy wedding edge! Another fun idea is to bring a part of your fiancé’s outfit! You can also bring your wedding accessories like shoes and jewelry! We are always up for something new, so if you want to bring something that you are unsure of, bring it anyway and we’ll try and fit it in!

Not Just White

A lot of our brides bring in white lingerie to go along with the theme but you don’t HAVE to. Don’t be afraid to bring in something colorful if you want, or even black! Remember, we want you to be YOU so if white isn’t your thing, don’t stress about it!

There are so many things you can choose to wear for your shoot that it can be really overwhelming. When I had my boudoir shoot done I think it took me two weeks to figure out my outfits, so that is totally normal! A great place to start is by checking out this blog post on outfit ideas to get you started!

If you need some help while your shopping, I’d LOVE to help! Text me a picture or even FaceTime me and we can talk about how it might look on camera!

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