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Choosing Lingerie That Fits

Client arched back in red lingerie lying on a brown leather couch

I believe that body shapes are a myth. I appreciate those who use these body shapes as a way to help women find clothes that look good on them, but If something doesn’t fit, is that YOUR fault? Often times clothes are designed on a mannequin and not on real bodies that move, breath and live. So how can you blame your body for not fitting into a piece of clothing that was designed for a giant doll?

Clothes that look good on your body don’t have anything to do with your SHAPE and everything to do with the FIT.

How do we get around this while shopping for lingerie before your boudoir session? Know the importance of a professional fitting!

Client leaned against railed wearing a matte "wet look" leather outfit
Client: I’m a D, but I must be a weird shape because my skin keeps coming out of the sides of my bra! I must need to lose some weight.
Me: I’m a D, there’s no way that you’re a D, time to get professionally fitted!”
*One week later *
Client: …So it turns out I’m a DDD…

It has been estimated that 80% of American women wear the wrong sized bra! A bra that fits can be the difference between loving the way you look in certain clothes, and never wanting to clothes shop ever again. When a woman comes into a boudoir session with three outfits and only two of them fit, I’m going to say that she should wear the two that fit. Bra’s that are too tight around can squeeze your skin out of the sides, and a cup size too big can make a woman with a voluptuous chest look flat chested.

Client leaning against a brick wall in a Raspberry Honey Birdette Lingerie Bodysuit

You can get fitted at any lingerie and intimates store. They should be able to measure you and help you find something that fits in that size! Give them a call before you go and make sure there is an experienced consultant available to get you fitted!

It is also important to understand that a piece of lingerie can be perfect for one women who is a size medium with a 36C, and not so perfect for another woman of the same size. If you don’t love the piece of lingerie, then it wont matter if it fits or not. Make sure you are looking at pieces that make you feel excited for your shoot and that show your personality!

You can show off your personality through the lingerie you pick by choosing certain styles and colors. For instance, I tend to be very eclectic and bubbly, so it was no surprise that for MY boudoir shoot I chose a tulle gown and was very extra! I also brought a raspberry bodysuit because I also wanted to show my sexy side. Each piece that you bring can bring out a part of your personality and I love to see what women come in with!I love helping women pick out their Lingerie for their shoot. I will talk to you over FaceTime, or answer any texts at a moments notice while you are shopping. I will always give you the input you need to choose the perfect items. So shoot us a message on facebook next time you are not sure of what to get!

Client wearing Elevation Boudoir's Champagne Tulle Gown laying back on the Emerald Velvet Green Couch in front of the Giant Downtown loft studio windows


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