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Client Spotlight: Miss D

My experience with Elevation was absolutely PHENOMENAL and AMAZING! Justin and Rachel made me feel so comfortable in the preparing process. Once hair and make-up was completed I felt like I had known them for years. Rachel was wonderful when it came to picking out lingerie and figuring out what colors and styles would look gorgeous on my mom bod. They worked as a team on the coaching and posing for each picture and each one came out absolutely breathtaking. Before booking the session, I would look at the pictures other women post from their sessions and I would think to myself "okay then, get it girl" which made me want to book a session even more with each picture that was posted. Booking the session actually made me feel excited, nervous and anxious. The nerves didn't settle until I got to the studio and started talking to them and they made me feel so at ease and comfortable. The only thing I would have done differently is booked my first session way sooner, because it was an experience I should have done for myself a long time ago and I cannot wait to book another session. The rest of the afternoon after my session I was just glowing and smiling the whole day and telling myself "yeah girl, you did that, you rocked it and you looked sexy and beautiful, CLAIM IT AND OWN THAT! LOL! I would definitely do this a thousand times over and over because each time Justin and Rachel will be able to capture moments beautifully and in different ways! Definitely 10/10, hands down, best experience ever!!!

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