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Client Spotlight: Miss H

Long vulnerable post:

For years I have watched Justin and Rachel post pictures of these women who always looked so amazing. I loved looking at them and always thought "I'd love to do that but I do not at all look like that" Fast forward. I got brave and booked a boudoir session. I gave myself a year after I booked to get the guts to do it. And it didn't help. Up until walking into the building I was a nervous wreck! So much went through my head. I can't do this. I don't look like them. I'm not skinny. I don't even like myself in a bathing suit... much less lingerie. Within 15 minutes of being there the nerves were gone completely...and after that first picture, my confidence level was larger than ever. I had never felt more amazing.. until I saw my imagines. At that very moment my entire perspective of myself changed. I was in disbelief that those images were ME! The same one who didn't think she could do it and didn't think she looked good enough. When Rachel asked me about posting any of my boudoir photos, it was before my session and I said "I don't mind as long as my face didn't show" honestly I was nervous about what they would look like and who would judge me. Then, I left there that day, wanting to show the entire world because dang! They were perfect! Now 4 weeks later, I have read countless comments on the page. "I want to loose weight then ill do it" "I want to have surgery then I'll do it" "I want to do it but can't afford it right now" "I can't wait to have time to book a session" I am here to tell you! Just book it! Pick a date, and plan it! They offer so many options for payment etc that makes it so helpful for anyone! Don't wait until you have time or think you will "look better" Make time. You are perfect the way you are! Love yourself enough to take the plunge and do it. You will NOT regret it and you will walk out of there with a confidence that you never knew you had! So, I'm choosing today to share some of my pictures with you. It's going to be hard to only share a few! Coming from the one who isn't modest but was terrified, the one who wanted to cancel because she was so scared, the one who's never felt confident in her skin, the one who thought she couldn't do it, the one who didn't want her face shown because she was scared of what others would say... but now the woman who wants to book another boudoir photography session asap and share her pictures with everyone to tell all you beautiful women that you are amazing and perfect and you can do it too! BOOK THE SESSION! Do it for yourself!

There are so many more I wish I could share but here's a few!

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