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Client Spotlight: Diana

I did my first boudoir photoshoot right before my wedding about 5 years ago. At that time, I was in my “best shape” and felt like that was going to be the best photoshoot I can give my husband. But I was so wrong. My husband encouraged me to do again at 34 weeks pregnant and I was not feeling sexy or comfortable in my skin at all. However, it was our third and final pregnancy and I was having difficulty emotionally connecting with the experience so I said let’s do it and scheduled a session. Rachel and Justin could not have been a better team to help you through whatever journey you are walking. They immediately made me feel comfortable as we talked about our kids, careers, and daycare during my hair and make up (which came out flawless). Helped me with outfit choices while reminding me how fabulous I would look in any of the ones I chose. Put on my favorite early 2000’s R&B and we got to work. They respected how my big belly could only stretch in certain ways while also not making me feel just like a beached whale. After my last outfit (being the beautiful sheer robe they have, which everyone should try), I took myself to lunch and had a moment to myself with a smile from ear to ear. I needed this time to pamper myself, remind myself how I am beautiful in every stage of life, and to eat a meal in peace before we had three munchkins climbing all over the table. After doing the final review with Rachel, I immediately ran home and looked through the digital album with my husband because I felt sooooo confident. I couldn’t even wait for the hard copy surprise. At the end of the day, I, so glad I did this second shoot and can’t wait to do my third one in this next stage of life (a mom of three). Thank you Rachel and Justin, keep being you.

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