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I became a member of the Elevation Facebook page after a friend invited me to join. I was completely blown away by the support and love that was shown every single day. It was so empowering to see women lifting one another up, celebrating each others successes and giving advice on real life problems that we as women face daily.

I believe that as women we are not raised to be friends or to support each other. We are taught to see other women as competition or as enemies. We need each other so much and when we realize that, we find our true super power. I booked a session after reading post after post from beautiful women that truly saw themselves in a new light.

I wanted that. I needed that. I wanted to feel good about my aging face and body. I wanted to feel the love from other women that saw in me what I have never been able to see in myself. I am in recovery from an eating disorder and abused drugs and alcohol for over 20 years. I have hurt my body, abused my body and punished my body for not being perfect. I have had multiple surgeries owing to the damage I have caused myself. Never have I loved my body or appreciated all that it has been through.

I am so thankful for finding Rachel and Justin. They showed me that I am beautiful and I deserve to celebrate my body and love the skin I'm in. I can't wait to book another session. I have invited so many women that I love to join the Elevation Facebook page. Solely because of the genuine love and strength that is shown to one another. Empowered women empower women and we need more of that in this world.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT VOICE IN YOUR HEAD THAT WHISPERS NEGATIVITY! You are beautiful. You are strong. You are worthy and you can do hard things. BOOK THE DAMN SESSION! Let go of your insecurities and allow yourself the freedom to see yourself as we see you. Rachel and Justin will walk this journey with you and you will not regret it.

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