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On Sunday we stepped outside of the studio to accomplish a project that we have been dreaming of for months- Empowerment.

Empowerment (more importantly Women’s Empowerment) means so much to us- it is part of our mission after all. That word -empower- is so strong and can mean so much:

“Empowerment is not only being more confident with yourself, but helping others when they’re not feeling confident or strong. Not listening to what others have to say about you! Proving others wrong when they tell you that you cannot do something. Uplifting others around you when they are at their lowest! Loving yourself again when you never thought it was possible! Being happy with yourself even when you don’t fit someone else’s standards!” -Jaycey

Whether you are a full-time working mother or a stay-at-home mom, whether you are rising to the top of the corporate ladder or just making sure you have taken a shower today. Giving someone life, giving someone care, support, and love, or giving someone everything you’ve got when you’re not sure if you have the mental capability to give any more. Being a woman has its struggles. Being a HUMAN has its struggles. It’s important to remember ‘we are not alone’.

“To me, as a mom that’s a time in your life that you can feel your lowest. Your body has changed, you don’t feel pretty anymore, you sometimes feel like you’re failing as a mom. Women supporting women is the biggest thing that’s helped me over the years; was other women and Mom’s understanding what I was feeling and thinking. It was a mutual understand of ‘I know how you feel but you’re not a bad mom’“-Karmen

These amazing women each have a unique story and a blessed life. They have come from different backgrounds and each have different goals in their lives. They agreed to participate in our Women’s Empowerment shoot and we could not be more thrilled that they did.

All of these women are STRONG, COURAGEOUS, and BEAUTIFUL and we are so proud to know each and every one of them. And just like us, they each are still working on their journeys of self love every day.

We’ve said before that we don’t shoot models; that we love all body types and every body is beautiful because every body is unique and inspiring. Even if we don’t look like the woman next to us, our stories might resemble each other. As women, we can feel so alone in our struggles but we are NOT ALONE. And even more importantly, YOU. ARE. WORTHY. So let’s continue to change the narrative that we are powerful, we are perfect the way we are, that we matter. Keep fixing each other’s crowns and keep supporting and building each other up.

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