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"From Struggle to Empowerment: My Journey to Self-Discovery Through Elevation Boudoir"

My name is Kayla and this is my story.

I struggled for years to become a mother and keep my babies. I began taking different fertility medications and before I knew it I didn’t love what I seen in the mirror. I felt more than ashamed and embarrassed but I pressed on. Fast forward to five years later I had gained 60lbs. I finally was able to carry full term and by the time I gave birth I added another 20.. My daughter is now three and I still after weight loss felt ashamed I had lost myself… I realized that I hadn’t done anything for myself..

I stumbled upon Elevation Boudoir I messaged Rachel and after many conversations and what must have seemed like forever to her I decided to go for it! Two weeks before my shoot my nerves kicked in and I started harassing Rachel again - when I tell you this woman is god sent it’s no lie. She calmed my anxiety like a trained therapist. I mean she answered every question in detail and with examples!! The day of my shoot I arrived, nervous again of course, and they welcomed me with so much hospitality I warmed up almost instantly!! Justin is amazing at pulling things out of you sharing stories and experiences it makes you feel so comfortable. Rachel in the meantime is transforming you into the goddess in you that you didn’t even know existed!!

Before you know it it’s time to start and I promise after the first picture the nerves fade away. You feel amazing! When we were done and I was looking at my pictures with them, all I could say was "..that doesn’t even look like me!" I was stunned this was ART - every one a masterpiece in itself . I swear I held back tears because I had never seen myself look so beautiful. I was truly at a loss for words.

If I could go back, I would have done this so much sooner. It has sincerely changed me and I believe everyone should have this experience at least once!! Rachel and Justin are so beyond talented at what they do take the opportunity this session to me meant more than words can explain.

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