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Client Spotlight: Heather

Why Elevation Boudoir? I was looking for a local boudoir photographer and found Elevation Boudoir’s Instagram account. I fell in love with the dark/moody style of the photos and decided that was the style of boudoir that I wanted for my own photos.

What was your experience/session like?

My experience was amazing. I was greeted by Rachel at the door and she immediately eased any nervousness that I had. I was then taken to the studio and met Justin. Rachel and Justin made the entire experience effortless, comfortable, and fun!

How did you feel before booking?

I was nervous but also excited.

What did booking this session mean to you? This was a birthday/post-divorce gift to myself. I wanted to do something that would empower me and help me realize how beautiful I am.

Would you have done anything different?

Absolutely not, everything was perfect!

How did you feel after your session?

I felt amazing! Seeing how Justin and Rachel captured me in my photos during the reveal was breathtaking.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

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