"Where do I even start? Boudoir has always been something I wanted to do but I never thought I would ever get what I did from it. I can honestly say this experience changed my life. I have a record of awful relationships, with myself included.

Since the day I walked into their studio I look at myself completely different. I’m not just a “mom” I’m so much more. Even now on my bad days I will look at my photos and fall in love with myself all over again

Why Elevation? The community!! These woman are so inspiring and empowering, Rachel and Justin are so involved and always open to talk.

Leading up the shoot the nerves are unreal, but while Rachel is doing your hair and makeup us 3 are talking and getting to know one another the nerves just melt away.

I had NO intentions on getting naked. Not this girl, no fucking way. Music (of my choice) was playing, session flowing. Next thing I know they ask me to take my bra and panty off and before I even thought about it I was butt. Ass. Naked getting photographed in a new place in front of people I had just met.

Never thought twice about it!! They just make things so comfortable.

“Sometimes the greatest rewards in life come from doing the things that scare you the most”

I cannot say enough about this experience, just leave with the famous words: DO. THE. DAMN. SHOOT."

Thank you again so much for choosing us Janie, for your boudoir session! We are so excited to have had to chance to work with such an amazing soul and your images could not be more perfect!!! Can't wait for next time!! Justin & Rachel, Elevation Boudoir

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