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Choosing to do the shoot with Rachel and Justin was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I chose to do this shoot, because I needed a major confidence booster. I wanted to feel beautiful in my own skin again. My session exceeded my expectations! Rachel and Justin are some of the most genuine and uplifting people you will EVER meet! Before booking, I was extremely nervous and almost backed out a couple of times, but after the first few shots, all of the nerves were gone and I was glad I stuck with it. After my session, I felt amazing! They boosted my confidence more than I thought was possible! And seeing the pictures at the reveal!! I couldn’t believe how phenomenal they were!! If you don’t think you can do a shoot, regardless of the reason, you got this! You CAN do it! I promise this experience is 10,000% worth it! I cannot wait for my next session!!

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