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Client Spotlight: Jayme

My session was a gift to my Husband who loved it so much he wants to do a couples session now. I was really nerves. I rode around in several mins just to calm nerves and get the courage to park and go in. I felt empowered like I could rule the world. Rachel and Justin are amazing at what they do and how they do it. They will make you feel right at home like they have know you all your life. Boudoir is not about the photos and about the experience the photo are the reminder and bones. You come in well know no longer meeted by Chief but I was. Rachel starts on your hair and makeup. Justin will sits and talks to you and get to know you. You will then go throw the client closet and try on some things and then you shoot will starts. Please book your session as you won’t regret it once it is done. If your like me you will want more sessions.

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