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Client Spotlight: Miss. J

I found Elevation Boudoir when I most needed it.

Newly comfortable with my body and yet old enough (52) to know that time is fleeting. Justin and Rachel made this experience something I will never forget. To walk into a room with just who you are, be pampered by Rachel’s ability with make- up and hair to make you feel like a queen, to the conversations with both of them that are real and authentic, to the way they know how to pose, you, dress, you, paint you with the light and bring out things that you didn’t know you had in you, and then walk out 2 hours later with pieces of timeless art that capture the beauty you didn’t know you had, to freeze in time a moment that Justin found your beauty. . . there are no words.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this earlier in my life so that I could see the beauty of different stages in our lives. We critique ourselves so harshly and spend so much time in our heads.

For 4 hours, I didn’t get stuck in my head. I had a blast and then I got to walk away with evidence that I am beautiful. Really, it is an astounding feeling to have. And I have proof in all these beautiful photos if I ever doubt it again. PRICELESS.

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