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Client Spotlight: Miss K

I have always been self conscious and had low self esteem. I never liked seeing pictures of myself because I hated my body.

Fast forward to today. I am a successful adult. I'm a grandma of 3 and even though all my reasons for self doubt are behind me, I never thought I would have the courage, let alone the desire to have Boudoir pictures taken. I must have thought of cancelling 100 times. I was terrified, nauseous even leading up to the moment I left for my session. Everything changed the second I arrived. Rachel and Justin made me feel so comfortable in a situation I never in a million years thought I would be in. They helped me come out of my shell. I felt confident, powerful and for once... I felt like I was sexy and beautiful!

When I booked, I couldn't imagine liking, let alone loving at least 20 photos of myself. At my photo reveal my daughter helped me pick out the ones for my metal art, because I couldn't decide on my own. I absolutely loved almost every single photo and it was a struggle to narrow it down to 40. My daughter said " If I had pictures of my body looking like that, I'd turn them into wallpaper." She is seriously trying to talk me in to getting a life size print to hang in the living room!

Don't procrastinate like I did. Pull the trigger and book your boudoir session with Elevation Boudoir. Do it for yourself, you'll be glad you did and your inner Goddess will thank you.

Much love to Rachel and Justin. I'll definitely be booking another session!

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