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Miss L.

My introduction to Elevation boudoir happened when I was invited to join the Facebook group by one of my friends that had a session and upon seeing her photos I was blown away by them, but I thought well of course her photos are amazing because she is beautiful. Mine wouldn't look like that. I would be far too uncomfortable posing for the pictures for them to ever turn out that well.

But I continued to follow the group and see all the other beautiful photos that were posted. I would see posts of people gushing about how much more confident they felt after seeing the pictures. I was struck by how they felt not only comfortable taking the pictures but also posting them for so many people to see. That didn't seem like something I would feel comfortable doing, but I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to see myself in that light. I would tell people "there's no way I could do that. I would be too nervous." But I would be thinking but what if I did?

So after months of going back and forth in my head, and continuing to see all these amazing photos of women who were not only brave enough to have the pictures taken but also to share them, as well as considering the financial aspect, I decided to just do it.

I was very nervous leading up to the day of the shoot and at the beginning of the shoot but after a few poses the nerves were mostly gone. Rachel is going to show you every pose. They are going to tell you if something needs adjusting, even your fingers. They're going to tell you how to breathe, to point your toes, to push your butt out. And after Justin shows you the first unedited picture of yourself, you will just know the end result will be worth it.

My photos are amazing to say the least. I can look at them on days when I don't feel my best and remind myself that I am sexy and that while my body may not always be what I want it to be, that it is something to be proud of. These pictures show me a side of myself that I have either never seen or have only ever glimpsed in a mirror but was never able to capture in photos that I took myself. This experience is also a reminder that the things that scare you the most are usually the most rewarding. So just book the shoot already. You won't regret doing it, but you might regret if you don't.

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