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Client Spotlight: Miss R

Why Elevation?

I chose Elevation Boudoir because one of my best friends did a shoot and couldn’t stop talking about how great her experience was. I’ve always compared my body to my friends (because they’re perfect in my eyes) and basically to anyone I’ve ever came in contact with. I’ve always questioned if people were making fun of my skin tone, back rolls, or weight behind my back and I just really wanted to do something for myself that would maybe make me feel better and give me a little confidence. I thought doing something like this may help give me that boost that I’ve always yearned for and I can honestly say it did just that. From the way they hype you up during your shoot to going through your images at the end and it being so hard to decide which images you want to choose because you love them all.. Seeing yourself in a different light is just something all women (or men) should do for themselves in my opinion. I loved my experience and there aren’t enough words for how amazing Rachel and Justin are at what they do.

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