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Client Spotlight: Taylor

I never saw myself as the “pretty girl”. I’ve always been on the heavier side my whole life. I always had an issue with how my body looked. I decided to do a boudoir session to try and claim back some of my confidence. I was a teen mom at 18 so as you can imagine, it wasn’t easy. What pushed me to finally do it was almost dying in the hospital from appendicitis in April 2020 and leaving me with a 4 inch scar from my belly button to my waist to constantly remind me of that pain.

My self esteem was at an all time low. I had mentioned to Rachel and Justin of this and they were more than understanding. I have stretch marks from pregnancy and my scars. But I also have tattoos. A lot of people don’t agree with tattoos, but I believe it gives me something to love about myself again. I had the same thought process going into this photo session. I was a nervous wreck as my appointment approached and thought many times of canceling it. But I didn’t and boy am I glad I didn’t. I also did this session for my husband. To show him that I finally see myself through his eyes for the first time. Something he has hoped for.

Rachel and Justin gave me back what I thought was lost. I’m not just a mom. I’m not just a wife. I’m a woman. I’m me. And that’s all I’ll ever need to be in order to be a great version of myself. I cannot thank them enough for showing me that I am beautiful, I was just looking in the wrong lighting. I call them wizards for how they work their magic. But continuously, they tell me that they are just there with a camera and that it’s all me, they are just simply capturing a moment. After my session, I felt an enormous weight lifted. I did something that absolutely terrified me but I did it. No one made me. I did it all on my own and stepped out of the little box I was confined in.

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