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Client Spotlight: Elizabeth

Why boudoir? I feel like for me, I wanted to do something that was different. Something that made me feel sexy and love myself again. Why Elevation Boudoir? I’ve have friends that have had their pictures taken by Rachel and Justin, they trust them with their life. The pictures I’ve seen by them are absolutely stunning, breathtaking, jaw dropping. My experience with Elevation Boudoir, was absolutely, hands down, the greatest experience I’ve had in my life, it’s on up there with going to Fenway park (which if you don’t know me, my love for baseball is REAL) they do everything they can (in their home) to accommodate YOU! From the air to the music to the drinks (stick to water though, your body will thank you) they made me feel like I was in my own home. We laughed, we talked, they celebrated with me afterwards. Before booking, I was always the shy/timid one, I was always self conscious about my body, from being told “you’re too big” “you’re too little” “you’re too fat” “suck in” “stand up straight”, it really took a toll on me. I needed to do this for nobody but MYSELF. I was nervous, I even talked my best friend into going with me, because I felt like having someone there that I knew and trusted, and she is even thinking about doing one as well. Booking this session meant, that I could prove that I AM A BADASS WOMAN WHO CAN DO ANYTHING, and NOBODY can tell me different, nobody can tell me I’m ugly, too fat, too skinny, blah blah blah. I wouldn’t have done anything different even if I wanted to, it was perfect, I took the whole day off, for myself. Rachel has a way of making you rock those eyelashes, that make you want to go out on the town and have someone buy you a drink (which I did, haha)

Looking back after my session, I tell myself daily “you are worthy, you are beautiful, you slayed it and you did the damn thing”. I look back on my pictures and think “wow, that’s me! That’s really me!” I look at my pictures and smile. I encourage everyone to do this at least once in your life. Why not? What do you have to lose? NOTHING! What do you have to gain? Self confidence, self respect, self love.

I again, cannot thank Rachel and Justin enough for this experience. I’ll be back

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