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Morgan's Story - A New Life..

At the age of 21, I found myself walking down the aisle, filled with hope as I embarked on a new chapter of life. Shortly after getting married, I discovered that I was expecting a child, and while I couldn’t have been more excited, I couldn’t help but feel a void deep in my heart. For seven years, I carried this void with me, in a marriage that appeared idyllic on the surface.

To fill the emptiness I felt, I turned to food. My relationship with food took its toll, causing me to gain about 90 pounds. The weight gain was visible to the world, but the true weight I carried was hidden deep inside.

In 2015, I made a decision. Despite going through a painful divorce, I enrolled in nursing school. A new beginning. It was during this time that I began to slowly discover my true self, one step at a time.

I started on a journey to reclaim my life. I lost 75 pounds through disciplined dieting. As the weight melted away, so did the shackles that I felt had bound me for so long. I began to feel a glimmer of the person I was meant to be.

During this time, I unexpectedly crossed paths with an amazing man. In August of that same year, I met my future husband, a man who loves me unconditionally. Within six months, we found ourselves married, ready to share a future. It was not part of my original plan, but one thing I’ve learned is, sometimes life takes us down unexpected and beautiful paths.

As I stepped into this new chapter of my life, I discovered my love for the gym and physical exercise, making it a part of my lifestyle, guiding me towards a healthier and more confident version of myself. I realized that the person I had become was the person I was always meant to be.

Quickly approaching my forties, I can look back on my journey with gratitude. I’ve married a man who is absolutely crazy about me, and together we are blessed with four beautiful children. My nursing career has brought me so much joy and fulfillment, and I have truly found my calling.

With every passing day, my confidence grows stronger. I’ve embraced my newfound self with open arms, and I cherish the person I’ve become. The void that once consumed my heart has been replaced with love and purpose.

I hope that my story can serve as a reminder that even in your darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of hope. It's never too late to find yourself and live the life you were meant to lead! This storyteller session was such an awesome way to celebrate all my victories over the last 8 years. The whole experience was nothing short of amazing. If you’ve been on the fence about a session, this is your sign to do it! I promise, you will leave wishing you’d done it sooner!

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