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Client Spotlight: Mrs. C

Why boudoir?

For me Boudoir was a way to make me see how truly wonderful my body really is. It was an outlet to get comfortable with being okay in my skin and what I see in the mirror. It forced me to get over insecurities I had with also thoughts of me only having imperfections. It was initially a wedding day present but soon became more for me and how to love the body I was blessed with.

Why Elevation Boudoir?

The portfolio is absolutely stunning. Rachel and Justin know what they’re doing, how to make it look the best, and how to make you comfortable in your session. I felt like I’ve known them for years instead of just a few hours.

What was your experience/session like?

My session will forever go down in my most favorite days I’ve had the pleasure of having. It was so comfortable and exciting. Both Justin and Rachel are your personal hype man. To top the day off it ended with a surprise proposal they both helped to pull off and even captured that as well. So it will forever hold a special spot in my heart.

How did you feel before booking?

Before booking I was nervous but so excited! What did booking this session mean to you? It meant everything and the pictures are stunning! I would do it again and again!

Would you have done anything different?

I originally wanted to lose weight because I live in my head how society has made us all think we need to be skinny and toned. I wouldn’t change a thing. My body has never been presented in such a more perfect way than what the pictures reveal.

How did you feel after your session?

Flawless! Excited and ready to take more! I felt so good in my skin, minus the sore muscles the next day.

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