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New year, New You

Keep this thought simple, Gorgeous. 2020 was a freaking TOUGH year for all of us.

Cooped up at home, fun places shut down or with limited hours and restrictions, working from home, kids are home, ALL OF IT! There is no question that our mental health has taken a hit which affects even how we see ourselves.

On the bright side, businesses are starting to reopen, people are returning to the outside world, and you have the opportunity to seize this moment for yourself. It is time for you to be a little selfish and rekindle the reminder of who you are. Bring back the good feeling when you look at yourself. You deserve this after all this time you have been at home with the kids and/or working from the comfort of your home.

Raise your hand if you always come 'thiiiis-close' to booking a boudoir session, but then talk yourself out of it?

Maybe you've come as far as actually reaching out for info, or maybe you just scroll and scroll--you stare at the portraits, you get lost in the captions, you think about all the reasons why this CANNOT be you. You aren't as skinny as this girl, you don't have the sultry stare of that girl, you don't think you can afford it, you don't have anyone to 'gift' the images to...and the list goes on.

Can we just land that side plane before it crashes? Lemme speak some truth to you today. If we are gonna get really honest, it's not about the money. With our flexible payment plans, this experience is 100% affordable. It's not about the outfits, or the studio, or about having no one to give them to. The reason you haven't booked, is because you haven't really committed to figuring out your "why" need a WHY that is strong enough to make you push PAST all of the EXCUSES.

The ONLY difference between YOU and any client who has been in front of our camera, is figuring out WHY you want/need to do this for YOURSELF. Not for him, or her---for YOU. You see, everyone we've ever photographed has been just as nervous, just as worried about the investment, just as scared that they couldn't pull it off----but their WHY outweighed their EXCUSES.

We serve all types of women who are yearning to be kinder to themselves, want to invest in themselves, and do brave shit. Women that are tired of the everyday and looking to break free into a new perspective of them. They all have allowed themselves to experience a boudoir photoshoot. None of them have regrets. The love we hear after they completed their experience is priceless.

Let me ask you this question: What is worse? A few nerves leading up to this experience, or a lifetime of wishing you'd gone for it and wondering what could have come from it if you had?

We would love to inch you closer and be the coach that pushes you to doing brave things.

Thinking about booking your own boudoir session but not sure if you are ready to take the leap? Come and join our ladies only Facebook group that is full of support from other babes that have been through this experience. Or if you want to keep it on the DL and speak with me personally, get in touch with us here!

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