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Client Spotlight: Sharon

Empowering is an understatement of what I felt after leaving my session Wednesday.

People say all the time “ I need a me day”, “I need to feel like me again”, “I want to love my body and all its flaws”. Having this boudior experience gave me that and more.

I honestly can’t put into words the comfortability and relaxation I felt with Rachel and Justin. It isn’t everyday that you pick out lingerie and pose for a married couple! Yes, you read that right! Their chemistry and reassurance gave me the boost I needed to open up and give this a chance.

I’m a full time mom and a full time wife who just needed a day to breathe. A day to be treated. The two of them made the day specifically about me all the way down to my favorite music, colors of outfits, and the temperature of the studio. I’m truly in awe at how much of a fun time i had and the outcome of my session.

I never thought in a million years I could feel so good about myself inside and out. Thank you Rachel and Justin for not only giving my confidence back, but my self worth as well. I’m excited to book the next!

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