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Size Matters

When it comes to your artwork, the importance of the size is sometimes underestimated. It’s not just a matter of the space available, but it’s a question of effect and impact sought after. You may be used to trying to curate and fit art around your home, but art is so much more than a wall filler.

Do you want to transform a room? Large artworks can add energy and can set the mood. It should be considered an integral part of the room, not an afterthought. The effect can be dramatic. Plus, it can be fun to decorate a room based on one large photograph.

I know what you’re thinking, “MY NAKED BODY ON A WALL FOR ANYONE TO SEE?!” but I promise if we work together, we can choose the right image and the right size that your guests will not only gush over but every time you see the portrait of yourself (anonymous or not) all of the empowering confidence from your shoot will come right back and give you the extra pep in your step!

There can be nothing worse than getting home and realizing the artwork you’ve purchased looks smaller than what you thought it would. Here are three tips for choosing art and sizes for your walls.

Show Your Space

Either before or right after your session, find a wall in your home to hang a piece of regular printing paper. Tape it to the wall then back up and take a photo of the entire wall. I can easily input the photo and measurements into my program and show you beautiful examples to choose the right size for space.

Choosing the Perfect Image

I realize it can be daunting to even think about wall art for such an intimate experience, but your confidence will soar every time you walk by this masterpiece. And it doesn’t even need to show your face. Think of anonymous shots or fine art nude photos. People buy art like this of strangers for their walls! Your artwork will have more meaning and be more precious.

One or More?

Decide between one large statement piece or a gallery-style collection. Think about the space you want to hang your artwork. Which feels like it would have a greater impact? This is something I can show you examples of because if you are getting anything smaller than 16×20, a gallery collection is recommended, and you’ll see why with our examples.

I can’t wait to help you through the process of choosing the perfect images for your home.

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