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Why We Shoot Boudoir Photography

Why Boudoir Photography?

Sometimes I find it hard to put into words why we shoot boudoir photography. To us, it is so much more than photos. It’s about self-acceptance, body positivity, and art. It is about getting glammed up and laughing your butt off. It’s about the transformation that takes place between the time you walk in our studio and walk back out that door. It is about feeling beautiful, and that is something we believe every person deserves.

We started shooting boudoir photography because we saw the beauty in everyone that came in our door. We believed we could show any person see what we see through our camera. Women tell us they feel they can’t look “that beautiful” because they feel too tall, weigh too much, or have too many stretch marks. We loved showing them the photos from their shoot and showing that they CAN, in fact, feel beautiful. Seeing their reactions to their pictures changed us. From that moment on, we knew we had found our passion.

It was now our job to be a mirror for our clients. Not the mirror that the world shows you that shames you, but the one who sees past all of the lumps, bruises, and imperfections. The one that shows you your sparkle.

The Transformation

The transformation that takes place in our studio is the best part of the whole experience for us. When a woman arrives in our studio, most of the time she is nervous, sometimes even visibly nervous. Shaky hands and voices, sweaty hands and faces are things we see all the time. Once they sit in the chair to get their hair and makeup done, the transformation begins. The client slowly starts to shed those signs and feelings of nervousness and anxiousness.

Then the shoot would start. The first series is to get you all warmed up. When Justin shows the client the back of the camera after the first series, we usually hear “OH MY GOD, that’s me? NO WAY that’s me!”. As we go into the next series and then the next, the laughter and smiles start to come out. Then she starts to feel sexy. They sexy eyes come out. And you can tell that it’s starting to click with them.

By the time we finish the session and go into the reveal, we’re friends. We’ve just shared an experience that they will always remember. We’ve laughed and shared stories about our lives

Once Rachel shows them their pictures on the big screen, their jaws drop. They see themselves like they never have before. This is one of the amazing thing about boudoir photography. We get a chance to show them how I see them, how their spouse sees them and be their mirror. When they walk out that door, they are smiling so big and they can’t wait to tell all their friends about what they just did.

A Little Piece of Our Story

We didn’t quite grasp the gravity of what we were accomplishing for women until our second client we ever shot started crying once she saw her images. Her mindset about herself was 100% changed that day - which made us realize - if Rachel broke out of her shell after her session, just like the client - then it really is true that everyone should do a Boudoir Session.

Back when Rachel was a freshman in college, she tried to do anything and everything to just fit in- she even changed her name(well sort of). She met so many people but still no matter what she did, she could never fit in. She got good grades, went to the occasional party, joined clubs and honor societies, attended numerous football, gymnastics and baseball games, but at the end of the day she still wasn’t happy.

Fast forward to present day, that girl now has purple hair, almost never wears makeup, is one half of a successful boudoir business, and regularly posts nude photos of herself to a large group of amazing women. The best part is that she has let go of the fear of what other people think.

Why does this matter? Well, Rachel worked on this for years and years. It’s been a struggle her entire life and throughout our marriage. It ALMOST kept this business from ever happening and that’s a scary thought. Our point is that other people’s opinions DO NOT FUCKING MATTER. Don’t let fear of what others will say or think dictate your life. Rachel let it control everything about her and she almost missed out on what we believe to be our purpose.

Yup! That’s Rachel at her boudoir shoot!

For us, boudoir photography is a celebration of your body and who you truly are. We take pride in being able to help show women how to celebrate their bodies, their battles and their victories they’ve been through. Let us show you your sparkle. Let us help remind you how to love and be proud yourself.

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