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Client Spotlight: Yu-Ting

Growing up in Taiwan I was taught only skinny women can be considered beautiful. Being an overweight teenager I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I got made fun of in school when I talked about wanting a boyfriend because "Nobody wants to date a pig." Eventually my self-esteem got so damaged I didn't think I deserve love anymore.

Thankfully my mindset changed after meeting husband. He noticed my lack of confidence and did everything and more to make me feel attractive and adored. I lost a lot of weight after I got into working out. However, I still have setbacks mentally. Sometimes I look into the mirror and wish I could be someone else. That's why when I heard about Boudoir I knew right away it's something need. I need Boudoir photos to remind myself that I'm good enough no matter what the voice in my head says. I don't want to spend the rest of my life comparing myself to other people. I want to be a confident and inspiring woman who lifts others up.

I was honestly more excited than nervous about the shoot because I'd been following the group for a while and I had no doubt my photos would turn out great like every other lady who worked with Rachel and Justin. But the moment I saw my photos, I was still blown away because I look absolutely perfect and I never thought I would use the word perfect to describe photos of myself. When my husband saw the photos he said he saw a Goddess. Rachel and Justin were so friendly and charismatic they made me feel like I knew them personally although it was our first meeting. They were very patient and helpful when they instructed me how to pose. I had so much fun interacting with them I almost forgot I was naked!

It's been a few months since my session and I still look at the photos everyday. I feel so much better about my body now and would recommend Elevation Boudoir to every woman who's considering having Boudoir photos taken. I got so much more than the photos. I got support, encouragement, empowerment and love. Thank you Rachel and Justin for changing my life and I can't wait to have another session with y'all!

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