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Why Boudoir...

Because your body is perfect, and right now is the right time to celebrate it!


Every Elevation session includes...

  • ​Session Prep Guide and Emails: Complete wardrobe and style guide to assist you with selecting outfits, and a full guide on what to expect, including tips and prep details for your session.

  • Pre-Session Consultation: We will review your wardrobe prior to your session, ensuring that everything is perfect for the shoot.

  • Coaching During Session: Full posing and facial expression coaching during your entire session to ensure you look amazing. We will literally pose you from head to toe!

  • Glamorous Image Editing: All final images presented in your online gallery will be fully edited and beautiful!

  • Private Online Viewing Gallery: All images are presented in a private online viewing gallery for you to make selections for your album or digital package.

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The Experience

Boudoir is an intimate portraiture and self empowerment session. It is our goal to help you see yourself in a new light, renew your femininity, and begin to love the woman inside that time may have forgotten. It is an excellent out of the box gift for yourself or for your intimate relationship with your partner. It is also a unique way to preserve your beauty and celebrate the strength of your new found confidence. 

The Investment
Is it worth the investment?

Both our unbiased and totally biased opinion say yes. We value the uniqueness and complexity of all of our ladies and strive to express that in our work. Your photos will not look exactly like other ladies' because you are not them, you are you - in all of your wild and lovely ways. In the end, we'd love for you to be so sure it's worth it, that it isn't even a question. You're worth an unforgettable boudoir experience!

Session Retainer | $400

  • Professional Hair & Makeup

  • Access to Client Closet

  • 2-3 outfits on multiple sets

  • Wardrobe advice day of session

  • Up to one hour of shooting time

  • Coaching & pose direction throughout the session

  • Beautiful full retouching & creative editing on Image Proofs to view and order from

  • Private Viewing & Ordering Gallery

*Images and Products are purchased separately, collections start at $1799

Elevation Boudoir Tuscaloosa AL
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How it works...

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make the first move


After you've stalked around our website and are ready to do the damn thing, you have two options. Fill out our contact form or go to the BOOK NOW page and book your date. Once we get your inquiry, you will receive an email within 24 hours with additional information and availability. 

Keep in mind we are generally booked 6 months in advance. We are currently booking January 2022 - May 2022.

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do the thing!


On the day of your Experience, you will be greeted by both Rachel and Justin who will help get you settled into the studio space. We offer a variety of snacks and drinks that you are free to enjoy (help yourself or we can make something for you!). Once we get you settled in, Rachel will get started on Hair and Makeup and start the pampering! We will always make sure you are in love with your transformation before moving on. 

After the hair and makeup, we will then head to our Client Close to select from our extensive collection of outfits. There are hundreds (200+) of items available for you to browse, everything is organized by size to make selecting the perfect pieces a breeze. We will assist you 100%, from selecting the best pieces for you and giving feedback on what we feel is going to photograph the best. Ultimately we always let our clients make the final decisions about what they feel the most confident in to use for their session!

Next up: the photoshoot! Obviously the most anticipated part of the day where all the magic happens. We will pose you from head to toe! Not all of the poses are easy, but we promise that they are worth it no matter how silly you feel in them. Our coaching process is top notch, we are the experts in posing women and this is undoubtedly why you hired our studio for your session. You are welcome to have a few poses saved as special requests to show us, however this is usually not necessary. Just put your trust in us, and go with the flow. We promise to give you our very best!

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prep / plan


From the initial inquiry to delivery of your amazing gallery of images, we will be with you every step of the way helping you plan your dream session. Each client will receive unique personalized care to ensure we reveal YOUR inner beauty! Leading up to your Experience, we will be sending you over several different emails to read as well as a questionnaire about your session. We have several opportunities for touch points if you would like to talk to a member of our staff on the phone to go over any questions or concerns about your upcoming Experience with us. It is our goal that our clients feel completely prepared for their shoot day, so that when you arrive you can feel as comfortable as possible about what is going to happen through each part of the process. If you ever have questions, we are always here to answer them (even if you think they're silly questions!). Reaching out to us via email is the best way to contact us, and we can set up a phone call with you if necessary.

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change your life


As soon as your session is over we immediately edit your images and have them ready for viewing within 1-2 days. We will pick the date for your Reveal & Ordering Session (which is where you will view your images and select which ones you would like to purchase) before you leave your session. We will help design all of your gorgeous products like albums or wall art, and any other customizations you desire at your Ordering Appointment! You will also have the opportunity to add on any additional products to your purchase at this time if you so choose. 

Anywhere from 2-4 weeks following your completed invoice, all of your finished products will be ready for pickup. And that's a wrap!  We have a lot of repeat clients, so we will very likely see you again soon. Some clients even book their session for the following year before they leave their Image Reveal.

Your experience awaits

Let's do this...

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The Studio…

Our Studio is located in Northport, AL. Our exact address will be disclosed to you after booking your session, as we are "by appointment only", and don't want people just popping by during a private session!! We have designed our studio around the Ultimate Boudoir Experience, unlike anything else you will find in the surrounding area. The space is devoted to shooting only boudoir, and is designed for luxury!

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Will there be anyone else present, besides Rachel and Justin, at my session?

It will be just us! We want you to be completely comfortable. During the hair and makeup, we will have plenty of time to chat, whether about your session or life in general. If you need extra encouragement, you are welcome to bring a hype girl, but please no spouses or significant others.

What if I can't relax?

This is the case 0% of the time. During your session we are always chatting and laughing, and sometimes Rachel will sing or dance. It's an extremely private and relaxing, but fun experience. You will also feel like you got a work out by the end of it, but it feels DAMN GOOD to walk around like the gorgeous goddess you are. In addition to posing your body, Rachel and Justin even instruct you on what to do with your face, so don't stress!​​

I have no idea what to wear... HELP!

We got you covered! After you book a session, we will send you a complete guide to help you shop for the perfect items for you. However, it's just a guide, you have freedom, so be creative as you like! This is your boudoir session.

Rachel is also here any time you need her! Text her the outfits you're looking at, even from the dressing room if you would like, whatever you need...she here to help! If you don't want to worry about finding your own outfits, you are welcome to wear anything for our expansive lingerie closet too!!​​

Will you edit my photos?

We choose the best of the best (55-65+) from your session, and fully edit them. We take care to remove any blemish, bruise, or acne and can reduce the appearance of scaring if needed. We do not edit your ultimate appearance and will not photoshop you to look thinner. We believe that you are beautiful exactly how you are and we take special care with all of our posing to highlight your best features.

I don't want my photos online, will you put them on your website?

Absolutely NOT!! Your privacy is our #1 concern and we take privacy very seriously. The only time clients are featured on our website are when they have given us written consent to share their images.

What do I do with the pictures?

LOVE THEM!! You can have digital files, an album, wall art, or a number of other ways to remind yourself daily how amazing you are. No one has to see the images but you, if you choose that. These images, this experience, this is all for you. Having a shitty day? Pull the pictures out and feel better. Significant Other going on travel? Slide your album into their suitcase so they has you with them. Have a bestie who could benefit from a session the way you did? Whip those puppies out and share your experience with them! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done something like this before & have no idea how to pose... Will my pictures turn out ok?

We understand your nervous! Rachel will direct you all the way down to your fingertips. Justin will also show you the back of the camera as we go along. We don't work with models - only everyday women like yourself! We promise your images will be absolutely gorgeous!

Are you nervous?

That is totally normal! All of our clients tell us that they were SO SCARED to book their session, but that they are SO HAPPY they did and that they never imagined they would love the way they looked in their images. I promise, you are in GREAT hands and we are going to WOW you every step of the way!


Are you ready for an experience that will change your confidence?

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What our clients are saying...

I found I was more confident when I stopped trying to be someone else’s definition of beautiful and stared being my own.

If you’ve been debating getting these done Because you think you’re not “pretty enough” or ”thin enough”, do it! Because YOU ARE ENOUGH!