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Headshot of Justin and Rachel Ellison, Owners of Elevation Boudoir, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Justin & Rachel

We are a husband/wife duo who are all about lifting others up, encouraging self-love and forming some great friendships, with some amazing boudoir photos thrown in!

We specialize in creating an experience that inspires women to see themselves differently—to feel better about the skin they are in. We want every woman to be able to look at herself and be reminded that she’ We feel that this is an amazing outlet for women to embrace themselves for not just how they look, but how strong and confident they really are. We feel that this style of art can be tasteful when done right, so we want to use our expertise to design art for women to love the way they look- no matter what stage in life they are.

Boudoir helps build confidence in yourself. It empowers you and allows you to celebrate yourself and love you for who you are.

Embrace and Elevate all that is you...

Justin and Rachel Ellison, Owners of Elevation Boudoir located in Tuscaloosa, AL being silly

Our passion is providing women with images of themselves that blow their freaking minds.


This is our full time jobs, not just something we do on the side. We specialize in creating a luxury experience for each of our clients.  What started out as a hobby is now our main squeeze and we literally have to pinch ourselves sometimes because what we do is so much fun.


We know boudoir isn’t for everyone—and that’s okay.

What we also know, is that every woman needs is self-love and self respect.  There is a certain freedom that comes with vulnerability—with being able to express your sexuality and finding comfort in the skin you are in.  An experience that can unlock those kind of doors for you is life changing—which is exactly what you deserve


The women we work with are brave, strong, and sometimes terrified to be vulnerable in front of the camera. But they all leave empowered, high on their own bravery, and dying to see the final images. 

Empowering ..




woman leaning into a couch in the studio at elevation boudoir
view of Elevation Boudoir Studio located in Downtown Tuscaloosa Alabama

about Elevation Boudoir

Elevation Boudoir was founded to change the world.


Our boudoir experiences are about so much more than photos—it’s about finding the version of yourself that you’ve been searching for.  When you step inside the studio, you are in a safe space—a home if you will.  We’ll be here every step of the way as you chase down the best version of you.



than a

Smiling woman leaning back while posing for boudoir



Questions and


Thinking of a session but have a lot on your mind? We are always here to help and we want to give you the best boudoir experience imaginable. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

woman laughing while Rachel fluffs her hair

Meet Your Girl Gang




Don't be shy! Stop by our VIP group, a place where women come together to be unapologetically ourselves. Be the first to hear about announcements, giveaways, and more.

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