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Elevation Boudoir Photography Tuscaloosa Alabama


Justin and Rachel are AMAZING!!! They are passionate about what they do. Leading up to my shoot I felt like I already knew them, Rachel texts you several times before your shoot asking if you have any questions or if you need help with anything. Justin and I talked about football and life while Rachel was doing my hair and makeup. Justin will talk about anything and make you feel very comfortable. They are AWESOME and I totally recommend them to anyone looking to book a session. They have a passion for wanting everyone know how BEAUTIFUL they are inside and out!!!

Elevation Boudoir Photography Tuscaloosa Alabama


Rachel and Justin are one of THE BEST in this industry and I truly believe that they have actually only just begun. I have NEVER felt so confident in my body until I saw the images Just took. I cried. They are so professional and make you feel so comfortable and confident. Rachel is so good at hair and MU and then is your bff for the best of the day. She makes things so easy to understand and I am truly thankful to her. In short, just do it. Book Elevation like yesterday

Elevation Boudoir Photography Tuscaloosa AL


I had a fantastic experience with Elevation Bodouir! Rachel and Justin are amazing and I cannot say enough about them. Everything from booking up until the day of my shoot was so easy. They provided a ton of information beforehand and were quick to answer all my questions. They made me feel comfortable and welcome as soon as I walked in the door. Before I knew it, we were all talking and laughing. My pictures are so beautiful and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I'm so thankful I chose them to handle my bodouir experience!!

Blonde women sitting in front of a egg chair at Elevation Boudoir Studio while laughing


Rachel and Justin are both amazing! When I first reached out to them I had many questions and they answered each and every one. They sent out several emails in the time leading up to my shoot to help me prepare. Their tips were very helpful! When i arrived they were patient and super easy to talk to! I felt like I'd known them forever! The photoshoot itself was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was empowering and uplifting. They made me feel comfortable in the skin I'm in, and as a bigger girl that meant alot I 10/10 recommend Elevation and cannot wait for my next shoot!

Client in rhinestone outfit with arms in hair while posing for boudoir photography


First off I will start off by just saying how truly wonderful Justin & Rachael are, they are just amazing to work with . I have been lucky enough to follow them through this journey and had a few sessions , every time I leave I’m truly amazed with them and how truly far they have come and how every time I seem to leave with more confidence in myself . When you look at the images it’s truly hard to believe it’s you , it’s an amazing feeling ! I know as I have many women doubt themselves at times . Maybe you went through a bad divorce, maybe your body isn’t the same after kids . Many things I know as a women I stress about and worry about ! If you are ever doubting a session just do it , you wont regret it . It’s an amazing experience every women should at least do once , it’s special to share with someone but it’s worth it just for yourself .

Elevation Boudoir Photography Tuscaloosa Alabama


I am a recent widow in my late 50s. I wanted to rebuild my confidence, but was clueless about boudoir photo shoots. Justin and Rachel walked me through every step, from being technologically challenged on social media, not knowing how to bring my character through pictures, and wanting to be radiant again. Always quick to respond to every question, always encouraging, always professional, and always fun. They maintain confidentiality at the level you need. Their creativity continues to grow and excel! You will be amazed how your confidence grows and learn to see your true beauty!

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