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Bringing out your best Self

Boudoir Photography is highly regarded as fine art photography, making it the perfect gift whether you've chosen to gift yourself or are gifting someone else.

As women, we don't take the time to revel in our womanhood, enjoy or acknowledge our beauty, or the freedom of indulgence, yet each of us deserves those special
moments of feeling free and bold enough
to be the woman we are inside.

There is no valid reason to wait. You're perfect and beautiful just as you are. Our experience is in posing and capturing all body types and showing them off beautifully.

Boudoir Photography encourages us to indulge in those moments of expression.

Boudoir photography is all about capturing the beautiful you in ways that will have you appreciating th ewoman you are and perhaps falling back in love with yourself. If you're slightly nervous, but have always wanted to do a boudoir session, there's no better time than now.

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Woman streched out in a bathtub in white lingerie
Couple posing on bed for boudoir images

We met in 2009 and have lived in Tuscaloosa, Moundville, Duncanville,and now we call Northport our home. Our resume is pretty crazy too. We have worked in industries ranging from retail, banking, and civil service. While we have enjoyed it all, our passion is and always will be photography. We love adventure, hiking, and all things outdoor. We compliment each other just like yin and yang. Justin loves music and videography, and Rachel lives off of coffee and Netflix.

Why are we telling you this?

Because we aren't going to lie and tell you about how we were born with cameras in our hands. We've been on a long journey to find our dream business, but it has been the best adventure.  After our random life experiences, we know with our heart that this is what we were made to do. Empower women and help them see the best version of themselves.

No matter where  you are in the journey of your life, or your motivation for empowering yourself with boudoir session, we can't wait to meet you to create images that show you exactly how beautiful you really are.

Headshot of Rachel Ellison - Co-Owner of Elevation Boudoir


Hi there, we are Justin and Rachel!

We are Boudoir and Portrait photographers. We love and celebrate the beauty and spirit of women through photography and hope that you see that reflected in our portfolio.

We believe that a Boudoir Portrait shoot is one of the most fun and empowering things a woman can do for herself. This is your "me" time, where you can celebrate being a woman and who you are today.

But what about us? You might want to know something about the husband/wife duo who will be taking photos of you in your most 'intimate' attire.

Elevation Boudoir


Confidence comes with embracing who you are and trusting yourself to do things outside your comfort zone


To make you stronger and more confident, to make you realize exactly how amazing the rest of the world thinks you are


Boudoir celebrates the fun and spontaneous you. It celebrates the "YOU" the world knows, the "YOU" you keep private, and the "YOU" that lives only in your dreams

Giving yourself permission to enjoy and relax allows us to bring out the feel and look you envisioned for your session.

Tattooed Blonde Posing in Black and Red Lace Lingerie on Orange Couch

What To Expect
for your session 

What to Wear

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident! You can be as adventurous or as tame as you'd like: there is NO WRONG WAY to do boudoir!

You're welcome to wear anything we have available in our Client Closet. Or scroll down to the Resources for a link to our lingerie guide for some helpful options. Plus, we are always available to help you pick out outfits and make suggestions!

Hair and Makeup

Professional hair styling and makeup application come complimentary with your session and will make sure you get the star treatment and look your best!

We believe that everywoman should take advantage of the extra pampering, so after the session you are ready for a night out!!

The Session   

Your session will last between 1.5-2 hours, which is enough time for 3 outfits or 'looks'. After your session, we immediately start editing your images and once finished we invite you back for your Reveal Session

The Reveal

At your Reveal session you will get to see all the edited images and choose your favorites for whichever collection you wish to purchase.
Please note that any images not purchased will be deleted forever after you leave.


Elevation Boudoir Studio is located in our in-home studio located in Northport, AL. Our exact address will be disclosed to you after booking your session, as we are a "by appointment only" business and don't want people just popping by during a private session!! We have designed our studio around the Ultimate Boudoir Experience, unlike anything else you will find in the surrounding area. The space is devoted to shooting only boudoir, and is designed for luxury! 


The  session retainer of $400 must be paid in full upon booking to hold your session date. Product packages are separate and not included in the session retainer.

The retainer holds your session date, the time for the session, hair, makeup and lashes, and the time spent editing all images. We accept cash, credit cards, and we offer payment plans through PayPal Credit.

Woman posing nude on bed
Nude woman on bed posing for boudoir images


for your session 

Taking the time to prep everything for your shoot will keep you relaxed and feeling confident. Throwing everything together last minute will make you feel frazzled.

We want you to have a fabulous experience from start to finish and the best way is simply to feel prepared.

Hydrate the week of your shoot, drinking water regularly will give your skin a refreshed look. It's a great idea to exfoliate your body proir to your shoot, make sure not to irritate and redden your skin though, it is best to do this 2 or 3 days before your session. 

If you wax, make sure to have it done 4-6 days in advanced to allow time  for your skin to rejuvenate.

Please do not go for a tanning session for at least a week before your shoot, it will not look natural and may add an orange tint to your skin.

Moisturize prior to your session, paying special attention to your feet and elbows and bring your body lotion with you to your session, just in case.


Nothing makes your feel better than a fresh manicure and pedicure! Your hands and feet will be in photos more than you might think so consider treating yourself!



If you do not already use it, switching to a good whitening toothpaste is a great idea a few weeks before your session.


If possible, a trim is a great idea, typically a week prior to your shoot. Do not go for a drastic hair style change right before your session - it may not look like the 'real' you in your photos!

Make sure that if you color your hair, your roots are retouched. Also, a deep conditioning treatment can help your hair shine with a beautiful glossy finish.


Get your eyebrows waxed and tinted if they need it. Since they frame your eyes, they're an important part of preparing for your session.

Woman in front of chair in strappy lingerie


Pricing and Payment Plans

We Offer Specially Crafted Collections that 
start at 1200 and range to 3700.

Glass Boxes

  • Made with an elegant Black trim - these boxes are simple, yet luxurious.

  • The flap is kept closed with a simple hinge.

  • 5x7's are pre-matted on a think substrate material

Wall Art

  • High-gloss metal with rounded edges

  • Pre-installed float mount frame

  • Ultra-hard protective coating


  • Signature Leather or Velvet Wrapped Album

  • Thick Pages

  • Lay-Flat Binding


  • Love all the images for your Session? Why not get them all?

  • High Resolution 

  • Fully Edited

  • Password-Protected Gallery

Payment Options:

  • Option 1 - Pre-payments. We can send you an invoice to pay any amount you would like before your session even takes place. Not sure what you want yet, that's ok. We will keep a total of what you paid and deduct it from whatever collection, album or digital option you decide. If you prepay for our top 4 collections before your session, you qualify for special add-on bonus (see more information here)!

  • Option 2 - Pay in full the day of your reveal. We accept cash, and all major credit or debit cards. We do not accept checks. You will receive your products shortly after your reveal.

  • Option 3 - PayPal Credit for 6 months, interest free. You will receive your products shortly after your reveal.

*Images must be selected at the Ordering Appointment - any images not selected will be deleted. 

Elevation Boudoir

Pre-Session Payment Bonuses

If you choose to pre-purchase one of our top 4 collections, we will include your choice of the following in your boudoir experience for no additional cost. To pre-purchase you may choose to pay in full or take advantage of one of our pre-session payment plans. Pre-purchases must be completed no less than 7 days prior to session to be eligible for the Bonuses.


Collection V: Choose 4
Collection IV: Choose 3
Collection III: Choose 2
Collection II: Choose 1

1. Custom Mobile App
2. The "Tub" Set
3. Slideshow
4. 2 Extra Images for Album
5. 1 Free 8x10 Metal Art
6. 12-Month Calendar
7. Extra Outfit Change

8. Bondage Set

9. Album Jacket Cover Upgrade (Collection III and Up)
10. "Angel Wings" Set (Collection III and Up)
11. The "Shower" Set (Collection III and Up)
12. 50% off Future Session Retainer (Collection IV Only)
13. Album Acrylic Cover Upgrade (Collection IV Only)
14. Same Day Reveal (Collection V Only
15. Lunch on us! (Collection V Only)

Woman laying on bed posing for boudoir images


If you are struggling with confidence or don't particularly like the way your body looks. Then do the shoot!! I have had 5 kids via c-section & I typically hate to look at my naked body. But I got out of my comfort zone & done something I didn't think I would ever do. I did the Boudoir Session & absolutely loved it. I had an amazing experience & this will be something I will look back on when I have bad days. My body has carried 5 babies & I am ready to accept the fact I will never have that perfect body again. But thats ok because the one I have now is loved. I am finally seeing the true beauty of myself! 

Quotation marks for Teather's Interview


Ladies! I know we all say this: “ I really want to do a session but....” But nothing! Do it! Go for it! You will not regret one minute of it! I started off doing this session as a surprise birthday gift for my boyfriend but as I did the session and then the reveal and seen my photos I realized I needed it just as much and more. Justin and Rachel brought sides and parts and aspects of myself I didn’t know were there or had kept away for so long! When I look at these pics and the others that Facebook would ban I cannot believe that it is me. The confidence I had. The beauty they brought out. The parts of myself that I never really cared for they showed to me in a whole new light. SO DO THE SESSION!

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If you're nervous about doing a shoot because you're a "big girl," just do it!! I went into it thinking there's no way in hell any camera can make me look half as good as some of the other girls!! I was totally wrong! I went into my shoot nervous asf and left feeling like 'Okay maybe I actually did good.' Then I came back for my reveal super nervous again but only to be blown away! Never have I looked at myself and thought I could be that beautiful girl. But today my mind changed. I felt ten feet tall. I could have cried. Thank you soo much Rachel and Justin!!

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